It’s Never Too Late to See The World

My mother, at 56, is getting her pilot’s license. Flying’s always been a passion of hers and a tragedy in the family reminded her that life’s short. I’m pretty proud of her. The reason I’m telling you this is because I love stories like that, where someone goes against what’s normally expected of them to fulfill a dream.

Here’s another story: As his 50th birthday approached, Gunther Holtorf decided he wanted to see the world, and a two-week vacation every now and then wouldn’t do. No, he wanted to see everything, so he and his wife, Christine, loaded up their off-road vehicle and started driving …. to Africa. That was 17 years ago and by now, he’s travelled to over 100 countries across every inhabited continent. And he’s still going.

He hasn’t been traveling non-stop — he and Christine will drive cross-country for 6 months or so, and fly back home to Germany, where they begin preparing for the next journey. He still has a place to call home, although a love of the open road dominates his life. Personally, I think this sounds like an ideal existence.