A Hilarious Read: Brian Sack’s Squat Toilet Story

I have just finished laughing harder than I have laughed in months. I kid you not. I’m still chuckling and shaking my head thinking about how hard I was laughing a few minutes ago.

While I was browsing our Gadling comments, I came across one posted by Gadling reader Marilyn Terrell who often leaves wonderful traveling tips on various posts. On Willy’s post on squat toilets, she posted a link to another how to use a squat toilet missive. This one was written by Brian Sack and posted on his blog Banterist. This is piece of writing that rivals David Sedaris in the funny factor, and I adore David Sedaris. Sack is hilarious. Because I loved Sack’s essay “China Dispatch: How to Use a Squat Toilet” so much, I wanted to give it its own post. His weblog isn’t exactly a travel blog, but he travels.

Sack’s is the male version of using a squat toilet. A female version would need to have some reference to trying not to pee on one’s shoes. I can see a series of squat toilet stories. How about a book, Squat Toilet for Dummies? It could include an entry on how to use a squat toilet on a moving train, for example. How to use a squat toilet when you have your personal belongings with you such as a camera bag, sunglasses, a purse, a day pack or whatever.

For another laugh, check out the You Tube video on the “About Banterist” page. It’s an interview with John Mayer. Thanks, Marilyn for such a funny, funny read.