Marilyn Terrell, the insider travel track

“Marilyn is my favorite!” writes Mort Todman in a comment posted at Intelligent Traveler, the blog for National Geographic Traveler. Marilyn Terrell is one of our favorites too. She often throws travel tidbits our way, keeping us up to date on interesting, insider news on travel trends and hotspots. I can always count on her to point me towards the humorous aspects about life on our planet.

She tipped me off to Brian Sack’s squat toilet story, a hilarious safety message by a flight attendant, and Flight delay excuses published in The Onion. Humor is not her only forte. She’s up on anything artsy, interesting, unusual, globally minded. You name it, she knows about it. If you’re looking for some Marilyn’s picks in a nutshell, tune in to Marilyn’s Miscellany, a column you can subscribe to as a blog feed. I’ve already subscribed myself. I can imagine Marilyn at her desk gathering info for her next missive.

A Hilarious Read: Brian Sack’s Squat Toilet Story

I have just finished laughing harder than I have laughed in months. I kid you not. I’m still chuckling and shaking my head thinking about how hard I was laughing a few minutes ago.

While I was browsing our Gadling comments, I came across one posted by Gadling reader Marilyn Terrell who often leaves wonderful traveling tips on various posts. On Willy’s post on squat toilets, she posted a link to another how to use a squat toilet missive. This one was written by Brian Sack and posted on his blog Banterist. This is piece of writing that rivals David Sedaris in the funny factor, and I adore David Sedaris. Sack is hilarious. Because I loved Sack’s essay “China Dispatch: How to Use a Squat Toilet” so much, I wanted to give it its own post. His weblog isn’t exactly a travel blog, but he travels.

Sack’s is the male version of using a squat toilet. A female version would need to have some reference to trying not to pee on one’s shoes. I can see a series of squat toilet stories. How about a book, Squat Toilet for Dummies? It could include an entry on how to use a squat toilet on a moving train, for example. How to use a squat toilet when you have your personal belongings with you such as a camera bag, sunglasses, a purse, a day pack or whatever.

For another laugh, check out the You Tube video on the “About Banterist” page. It’s an interview with John Mayer. Thanks, Marilyn for such a funny, funny read.