Bangladeshi and The Bronx

Back when I was in high school, I went to The Bronx Zoo as a volunteer with adults with developmental disabilities . I had a blast and planned to go there again sooner than later.

Now that it’s much later, I wonder what I’m waiting for. This summer may be the time to get on a subway and head to the zoo when we are visiting my brother who lives in Manhattan. I just read that there is a TV ad campaign touting The Bronx, New York is a place to go for a vacation destination. The zoo is one reason. When I searched for the commercials, I came across this one. The news of The Bronx as a vacation hot spot has either made it to Bangladesh or is geared for a Bangladeshi audience. You may not be able to understand all the words, but the names of the tourist destinations are clear. The last one is a bakery. This was posted on You Tube by zasarif and is titled Kabir’s Bronx. This video interests me because I wonder if part of the aim is to get Bangladeshis who live in New York City to visit The Bronx or go the bakery? Or both?