Where on Earth? (Week 14): Lexington, MO

Once again, the Gadling readers have proven their geographical prowess by correctly guessing the location of the photo above as the Lafayette County Courthouse in Lexington, Missouri. Specifically, Beanie was the first to correctly identify this famous Civil War landmark.

The reason I liked this Where on Earth? so much is because without actually having been to Lexington and seeing this courthouse, you’d have a hard time figuring out where the photo was taken. There isn’t anything Googleable in the image — but if you have been, there are a few clues in the image to give you the right answer. For instance, during the Battle of Lexington II in 1864, a canon ball was fired at the far-left column of the courthouse, leaving a grapefruit-sized hole that can be seen if you study the photo above closely.

Check back next Wednesday for a brand new Where on Earth?