A Ranch in Texas that Welcomes Visitors – Part One

One of the subjects I write about for magazines is where to go to enjoy nature. One of the places I included in an article about native plants in Ohio was the Highlands Sanctuary. This is a privately owned preserve in the southern part of the state that welcomes visitors.Here’s a post from my Blogging Ohio days that highlights it’s charms.

I recently found out about another privately owned preserve. This gem is in Texas. Visitors who make advance arrangements are welcome. Selah, Bamberger Ranch Preserve is a working ranch, but the aim here is also to nurture the land and foster an appreciation for it in others. Due to the efforts of David Bamberger, the owner, the 5,500 acres (this is the largest private restoration project in Texas) visitors can take in fishing, bat viewing, dinosaur track fossils and a herd of Scimitar-horned Oryx . These animals aren’t from Texas, but from Niger and Chad, Africa. The reason they’re here is because Bamburger offered to operate a captive breeding program to reestablish endangered species.

Along with making arrangements to visit the ranch, there are special events and public tours. One workshop this coming September is a land stewardship workshop in case you want to buy your own plot of heaven to nurture and protect the environment. For people who want a longer stay there are two cabins to rent. One is made of recycled materials from other buildings and the other is a replica of a general store. The more I read about this place, the more I want to head here.

There are two other ranches in Texas where individuals have used their passions to offer visitors an unusual get-a-way. One is the Benini Sculpture Ranch. The other is Reimer’s Ranch Park. You can go to all three ranches in a day. I’ve been to this part of Texas. For a city fix, head to Austin; it’s close-by.