Turning your Laptop into a DVR TV

For all you road warriors out there who simply can’t be on the road without catching your favorite TV show, here’s a handy little device which converts your trusty laptop into a DVR television.

Simply plug the WinTV-HVR-950 hybrid TV stick into an available USB port, load up the software, hook up the portable TV antennae, and start watching TV. The antennae can pluck both analog and digital signals from the air.

Or, if you happen to be near a cable jack, you can screw the cable onto the end of the device and pick up a cable television signal. Of course, if you are near a cable jack you’re probably near a TV as well. The benefit here is that the WinTV-HVR-950 can record programs to your hard drive just like a DVR. So, the night before you fly home, you can plug into your hotel’s cable, and record a few shows for the plane flight.

This is a pretty cool little toy but personally, I think the only reason I might ever use it would be to catch live sporting events while I travel. Otherwise, it’s DVDs and video iPods for me.

Price: $99