Virtual Tour aboard the Trans-Siberian

The trans-Siberian is one of the world’s epic journeys.

This six-day jaunt from Moscow to Vladivostok covers eight time zones and nearly a quarter of the globe’s surface. Riding it the entire distance is something which every one should do once in their life.

As a motivation to do so, Russian Railways has put together a rather cool interactive journey on their website.

The flash display begins at the train station in Moscow where visitors can look up and down the tracks before stepping into the first or second class carriage. Virtual passengers can then check out the cabins, the dining car, and various features throughout the train–such the TV in first class. The toilet, which is shared for a week with other passengers, can only be partially glimpsed through an open door. This is probably a good thing. As you might imagine, this nasty room was the low point of my journey a number of years ago.

The site is very cool and I highly recommend checking it out if you are planning a trip on the trans-Siberian any time soon. But keep in mind, the train featured is the Rossiya. If you book another train, things might not be as nice. But, you’ll love it anyway.