Luggage Tags Tease TSA

Apparently Target has these luggage tags on sale for $1.98, but I can’t confirm because I don’t have a car and the nearest Target is at least 10 miles away. That’s not to mention the outstandingly horrific heat wave we’ve been having in the Midwest. It’s so hot outside that after taking two steps out of the air-conditioned house, it feels like someone wraps a hot, wet blanket around your body and throws you into a garbage bin and sets it on fire.

These tags are both cute and playful, but I really have no interest in being cute or playful with a TSA agent who has been rifling through people’s underwear for 10 hours, looking for any reason to break the monotony of the job. I’m sure there’s someway they could link these tags to terrorism. Terrorism tags.

When browsing Target’s website to confirm this hella deal (which I never found), I ran across these scull and crossbones luggage tags, which seems even more implicating than the clever notes to security shown above. [via]