Swinging Couples: Growing Holiday Industry in US

We’re not talking about the type of swinging you do on the playground. This is the adult kind of swinging, and according to Reuters it’s becoming quite a booming business.

Swingers need a place to vacation as much as conventional couples, and they’re choosing holidays where they’ll meet other like-minded couples. These once-private passions mean big bucks to those in the business; the U.S.’s largest swinger’s services company, Lifestyles Organization, has annual sales of around $15 million. This is due partly to the difficulty of meeting other couples outside the swinging circle. Thus conventions, hotels, and clubs that cater to these adults have a steady flow of business.

Swingin’ holiday-goers typically have a goal in mind for their vacations, thus events and resorts that cater to these saliva-swapping couples relax their rules a bit. Many are clothing-optional (solving that problem of where it’s permissible to wear your hotel-provided bathrobe), which helps expedite intimacy. But it’s not cool to get to know your new friends just anywhere; Lifestyles Organization staff have had to remove guests performing naughty acts from resort restaurants.