Visiting the Legends of Rock and Roll in Legendary Laurel Canyon

There is perhaps no rock and roll neighborhood more legendary than Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles.

This steep wooded canyon, just a short drive from the Sunset Strip, has been home to more rockers per square foot than anywhere on this planet. In it’s glory days, one may have come across Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, Glenn Frey, David Crosby, Joni Mitchell, Mama Cass, Micky Dolenz, and countless other stoned rockers getting their morning paper with coffee mug in hand, or something like that.

“Laurel Canyon: The Inside Story of Rock and Roll’s Legendary Neighborhood,” is a fascinating book which explores this wild neighborhood. Its author, Michael Walker, recently spent some time with LA Times journalist August Brown discussing what remains of the iconic rock star homes and how one might go about finding them.

If you’re a classic rock fan and planning to visit LA any time soon, spare a moment to drive through this wild canyon with Walker’s book in hand; it’s the most famously anonymous part of Los Angeles that few tourists ever visit.