Southwest Airlines Imposes Dress Code on Passenger

If you’re flying the “family” airline Southwest, you’d best stick to your Sunday church-going clothes rather than your Saturday night clubbing duds.

Kyla Ebbert found this rule out the hard way: she was asked to leave a flight before it departed because the flight attendants felt her attire was too revealing. Ebbert adjusted her outfit to meet the flight attendants’ standards, and was allowed to stay on board. On her return flight, however, she wore the same outfit — and not only did no one ask her to change, but one flight attendant actually complimented her on it.

Ebbert didn’t disclose how much her outfit revealed, but she acknowledged that it was “sexy,” consisting of a low-cut, tight shirt and a short skirt. Nothing was exposed that shouldn’t have been, she claimed.

Southwest Airlines has no formal dress code, and it’s obvious that Ebbert may sue. What do you think should happen?

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