Southwest Airlines Offers “Skimpy” Airfare in Nod to Miniskirt Publicity

First, a Southwest employee insults Kyla Ebbert by asking her to change her revealing outfit or disembark the plane. Now, Southwest has turned the critical media coverage of this impromptu dress code violation into a marketing campaign for its flights.

Chief Executive Gary Kelly claims that they’re “trying to be lighthearted about all this.” Southwest has already apologized to Ebbert, but after another woman spoke out about similar treatment and Ebbert went on ‘The Today Show’ and ‘The Dr. Phil Show’ to tell her story, Southwest not only issued another apology (and two free round-trip tickets) to Ebbert, but also announced a 10-day fare sale in honor of miniskirts.

Does this mean that buttock-baring minis will be okay on future Southwest flights? Kelly doesn’t elaborate on a Southwest dress code, but does acknowledge Southwest’s less-conservative past as a company that touted itself as “the love airline” and dressed its stewardesses in hot pants.

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