Sex Toys and Sausages: A Bad Smuggling Combination

Butchers in Mannheim, Germany alerted police on Wednesday when a customer speaking broken English asked the shop keepers to hold on to two “Schwartenmagen” sausages he had purchased from them earlier in the day. He told the butchers he was flying to Dubai the following day and asked if they could store his Schwartenmagen in their refrigerator for the night.

The butchers became suspicious, however, when they noticed that the Schwartenmagen were much heavier than they should be. Concerned that the 50-year old man on his way to the Middle East might be using the sausage to smuggle something dangerous on to the plane, they immediately called the police.

A crack squad of Germany’s finest arrived on the scene where they quickly wrestled the sausages to the ground and discovered a rather large sex toy embedded in each of Schwartenmagen. I’ll let you guess what type of sex toy might fit within a hollowed out sausage.

Hey, isn’t there a better way to smuggle those things? It sort of makes you wonder why the old prison method wasn’t used instead. Ugh!