OzBus: Too Drunk to Remember

From the prospective of one of the OzBus bloggers, the first London-Sydney overland bus journey is nothing more than a mobile drunkfest, bouncing through country after country, sampling the local drinks until vomiting, and pissing off the local wait staff.

Surely not everyone aboard OzBus #1 is going out for early-morning bar times, visiting strip clubs, campsite streaking, and nightclub line-hopping. I wonder how that other half — you know, the people traveling on the bus to actually travel, not to test their alcohol tolerance in various parts of the world — feel about their heady-bro counterparts? I’d be mad.

The bus is currently in Romania, where the intrepid travelers drinkers discovered a local Scottish bar serving “54% alcohol shots.”

Twelve weeks on a bus with this crew? No thanks.