National Geographic Film Festival

The All Roads Film Project is one of those very special, very wonderful National Geographic events which any traveler worth their salt will truly love.

The project was launched four years ago “to provide an international platform for indigenous and underrepresented minority-culture artists to share their cultures, stories, and perspectives through the power of film and photography.”

Man, you can’t go wrong with that mission statement.

And, National Geographic hasn’t.

The spectacular results of the project can be seen this upcoming weekend (October 4-7) at the All Roads Film Festival being held at the National Geographic headquarters in Washington D.C.

The festival will feature films from Finland, Bolivia, Kurdistan, Denmark, Australia, Ethiopia, India, Mexico, Tonga and many more places on this planet you might only be able to visit through film. But, if you miss it in D.C., don’t worry; you can catch the festival next month in Sante Fe, New Mexico starting November 28.