In China, Being an Olympic Pig Sounds Better Than Being a Human

There is no doubt that China takes the Olympic Games in 2008 seriously. From massive construction projects to dispersing pollution, they want to make sure that the Olympics in Beijing is the grandest thing tourists have ever seen. Maybe, just maybe, people will finally recognize that communism and capitalism can shake hands and that, in a nutshell, there is no nation better than China!

The latest of extravagant attempt to be the best host has spurred much controversy in China. Apparently, pigs are being raised specifically to feed the athletes in Beijing next year. These pigs are being fed an organic diet and get two hours of exercise per day, which is certainly more than 99% of Americans get.

All sarcasm aside, this pandering to foreigners is troublesome in a country where ordinary citizens deal with tainted food and inhumane work conditions. It also raises questions about the quality of pork ordinary Chinese eat, which is filled with growth hormones and substances illegal for Olympic athletes. Think about that next time you order that Pork Stir Fry in Beijing.