Boeing Delays Delivery of 787 by Six Months

Alas, the long awaited 787 Dreamliner has been delayed, citing “challenges” in assembling the first products. Earlier this year, Justin reported the rollout of the first complete prototype, but even that was rushed to look nice for the media. For example, small gaps remained in the fuselage that the company glossed over for the purpose of the initial media blitz.

For those of you unaware, Boeing’s 787 is slated as the next generation of aircraft: lighter, faster, eco-friendly and more efficient than its 20th century counterparts. To date, its been the fastest selling widebody ever before its entry into service and expectations are high.

As we’ve learned from the Airbus A380 and its repeated delays, however, numerous suppliers, production issues and bureaucratic tomfoolery come into play when producing a new airplane. EADS has already been through numerous management changes due to scheduling tiffs while shareholders are screaming bloody murder.

What we don’t want to happen here is for Boeing to repeat these mistakes. More missteps and carriers will start dropping orders, more delays could occur and Boeing would take a hit on sales. And as one of the primary exporters in this country, our economy and the American people are counting on the 787 and Boeing’s success. Cross your fingers.