A more comfortable way to join the mile high club: double beds

The two double beds on Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 that finally was delivered earlier this week are not for hanky panky–but for sleeping. That’s the plan anyway. The Executive Director of Singapore Airlines said he doesn’t want the beds to give people any “racy” ideas. Since the Singaporean government has run campaigns in the past to promote dating [see article], he probably thinks this is a reasonable notion. Does he get out much?

The sliding doors to the two private suites where the beds are located do have a small screen at the bottom so the flight attendants can check on the passengers. I can just hear it now. Imagine, if you will, a flight attendant crouched with his or her ear close to the gap. “Hey!! What are you two doing in there? Stop that. This is a respectable airplane. Get a room. Oh, wait, you do have a room.”

If there isn’t supposed to be any “nudge, nudge, wink, wink,” funny business going on in the beds, then why aren’t the beds single beds like the kind that were used in 1950s sitcoms? Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz never got a double bed on “I Love Lucy” back then because you know what they would have done with it. That was the censors’ idea anyway. Also, when the plane was unveiled there were rose petals strewn all over the bed. Yeah, right. Isn’t that what all of us do to our beds when we want a good night sleep? [via USA. Today, October 15, 2007]