Survey finds Philadelphia populated with America’s least attractive people

People watching is such an integral part of travel. And, of course, it’s all that much better when those people you are watching are very attractive.

But sometimes they are ugly. In fact, I’ve been to a handful of cities on this planet where it seems the entire population has been beaten silly with a massive ugly stick.

Apparently Philadelphia is one of them.

According to a recent Travel and Leisure survey of 60,000 people, the city of brotherly love has been tagged as having the least attractive people in the United States. Man, that must hurt!

The capital of Philadelphia was ranked 25th out of 25 cities when it comes to overall attractiveness of its population. Washington DC and Dallas/Fort Worth came in at 24th and 23rd respectively. For the record, I happened to be in both Philadelphia and DC last week and I greatly disagree with these ratings.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, the most attractive people in the States can be found in Miami and San Diego according to the survey. So you might want to take that into consideration when planning your next travels.