Peeing on the go: new portable toilet for your car

Yes, more toilet talk here at Gadling. We seem to be obsessed with bodily functions, don’t we? Well, here’s another toilet option that you can actually add to your travel gear: a portable toilet for your car.

Japan’s Kaneko Sangyo Co., which manufactures plastic toys, has come up with a small toilet you can put together as needed. If you’re stuck in traffic and can’t wait, simply assemble the cardboard toilet bowl and fit a water-absorbent sheet inside. The toilet comes with a curtain large enough to conceal users and a plastic bag to collect waste, and can fit inside a suitcase. Just politely pull the curtain closed and you’re ready to go! Sounds like something I’d take on a long bus or train ride through India rather than in my car.

You’ll have to hold it until November 15, when the company will begin selling the new product online.

[via Reuters]