UFO art-exhibition to travel the world

When I lived in Dubai I worked in PR so I have been witness to many a crazy publicity stunts — but this one takes the cake.

Designer brand Chanel will put a huge gleaming white “Mobile Art Container” in the sky to fly the world from 2008-2010, displaying work of 20 international artists. Brainchild of Chanel’s creative head Karl Lagerfeld, the container has been designed by Iraq-born artist Zaha Hadid and will be made of collapsible fiber glass.

The artists were given a brief to create art in connection to Chanel’s handbags and curious participants include Lennon’s wife Yoko Ono, celebrity yoga guru Subodh Gupta, and offbeat modern artist Arakinbuyoshi.

They’ve tagged the mad idea a “noble research investment”. Urrrm — no I don’t understand either, but I’d go check it out just to walk into an absurd container like that.

Not sure how it’s going to fly — but over a two year period the thing will travel form Hong Kong to Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, London, Moscow and Paris.

[Via Wallpaper]