Dopplr: Social networking for travelers

One of the biggest kicks I get out of traveling is in meeting up with or running into random friends while abroad. It’s always fun trading stories or roughing out adventure together and can be a great bonding experience — especially if everything was unplanned. Just this past Friday I was waiting for some girl Chelsea to get out of the bathroom in the LGA airport when Edward Norton walked up and stood right next to me. He took a look around then looked right at me (probably wondering if I was that famous blogger he knew). I smiled, and he turned and left.

Such is the idea behind Dopplr. This tool is a great way to figure out where your jet-setting friends are traveling when. And if you’re in the same place at the same time? What better reason to head out and get a beer?

Dopplr is still in the beta phase, so to get into the “inner circle” you need to be invited. If you haven’t got an invite, ask that one friend you’ve got that travels all the time; he or she can probably get you one.