Sexxpresso: Erotic coffee shop opens in Vegas

Where can you find the hottest cup of coffee in Vegas? At Sexxpresso, no doubt — Sin City’s first erotic coffee shop, where you can order your favorite caffeinated drink in three different cup sizes: A, B, or the gigantic, 20oz DD. But is the coffee any good, or is it all novelty? Las Vegas blogger, VegasRex, decided to find out.

“I thought they would skimp on the beverage due to the novelty factor, but it was easily as good as anything I have gotten at the boutique shops.”

Plus, it’s served to you by one of the eye-catching “Bodacious Baristas,” decked out in too little clothing for six in the morning. But hey, it’s Vegas, so why not?

Location: 670 E. Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV [map]


Photos courtesy of VegasRex.

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