Big in Japan: The future of motorcycles is awesome

This week and next, Big in Japan will be bringing you scenes from the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show (???????????????????????) at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City. For an overview of this biennial event, see the previous posting Scenes from the Tokyo Motor Show.

Do you love motorcycles? So do I.

In case you’re wondering about the future of motorcycles, check out some of the latest Yamaha designs to come out of the Land of the Rising Sun.

One of the coolest concept bikes on display at the Tokyo Motor Show was a 4-wheeled hybrid motorcycle known as the Tesseract (??????????????????). This truly wicked looking quad features a unique dual scythe suspension system that allows the vehicle to turn like a motorcycle. The hybrid power comes from a liquid cooled V-Twin engine as well as an electric motor.

Have I peaked your interest yet? Keep reading because I’m just getting started.


The Gadget (ガジェット) is an electric moped with a collapsible design that can be easily stored with minimal fuss. Other unique features include a power source that can be turned on via your cell phone or through the internet.

A fierce-looking custom built street bike, the WR250X offers a revolutionary ultra-high rpm single-cylinder engine (10,000 revolutions per minute).

The entire frame is also constructed of aluminum, which makes for quick, aggressive handling and the perfect balance for busting out some truly sick tricks – just don’t wipe out!

The XS-V1 Sakura (XS-V1 桜) is aimed at mature riders looking for a blend of retro-design and modern efficiency.

Lightweight and slim, this deceptively simple looking chassis hides a 1,000cc V-Twin engine.

The chic racing machine straight out of the bizarre realm of Japanese anime, the LUXAIR is both a hybrid motorcycle and an incredible piece of eye candy.

The LUXAIR is powered by a liquid-cooled engine and an electric motor that are joined by a YIPU (Yamaha Integrated Power Unit).

During acceleration, the gas engine provides the bulk of the power, though idling and cruising is driven by the electric motor.

And finally, one of the most exciting products for the environmentally conscious consumer, the FC-Dii is an incredible fuel cell-powered motorcycle.

Featuring the Yamaha Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC), the FC-Dii is driven by a 54% methanol solution with an efficiency of over 30%.

The bike also features a removable second battery that can be recharged from an external power source.

Since all of these models are concept bikes, it is very unlikely that any of these products will be available for purchase.

However, there is a good chance that some of the design elements described above will start to appear on the market in the near future.

With that said, I think you will all agree with me in saying that the future of motorcycles is awesome.

For more scenes from the Tokyo Motor Show, tune in next Monday for another installment of Big in Japan.

And of course, to all of the riders out there in the world, here’s to open roads, blue skies, cool breezes and the journey ahead.

For photos of the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, check out the gallery below: