TV tourism: 132 and Bush, where are you?

COPS is on all the time, it seems, and if you have cable with more than a few channels, chances are you can flip around and find an episode on any time of the day or night. In fact, just yesterday COPS aired it’s 700th episode.

I’ve been watching the show for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always wondered something that has perplexed me until today. At the closing credits, directly after the last scene, a female cop chimes in over the radio and says, “132 and Bush, I’ve got him at gunpoint.” Simultaneously, one of the members of Jamaica’s Inner Circle clears his throat and sings the iconic theme song, bad boys bad boys, what’cha gonna do?

Where is 132 and Bush? Of all the episodes I’ve seen over the years (699, no doubt), I’ve never seen the one where this audio clip was taken from. Does this place exist? Because if it does, as a true COPS fan, I have to go.

Turns out it does exist. It’s in the east side of Portland, Oregon. [see map]

So for all you true COPS fans out there, your mecca has been revealed. Now we just need a few pictures from the location…can anyone help?

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