Big in Japan: The Suzuki Pixy will help us survive the apocalypse

This week (and last), Big in Japan will be bringing you scenes from the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show (???????????????????????) at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City.

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Do you ever worry about surviving the apocalypse?

Be it Armageddon, environmental degradation, nuclear war or pandemic disease, it’s becoming increasingly more likely that our days on this planet are numbered.

Fortunately, the good folks at Suzuki have a solution to our problems, namely the Pixy and the SSC (Suzuki Sharing Coach).

Together, this Segway-inspired personal mobility unit and accompanying transportation accessories will make it a cinch for humans to survive the apocalypse, be it a world of religious fury, saturated pollution, nuclear winter or seething illness.

Are you depressed yet? If not, keep reading for more information on the dark future to come.


In a world compromised by religious fires, noxious chemicals, nuclear fallout or airborne viruses, maintaining your own personal breathing space outside the comfort of your underground dwelling is of the utmost importance. That is why the Suzuki Pixi is the perfect answer to your individual transportation needs.

As demonstrated at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Pixi is something akin to a Segway on steroids, allowing for personalized mobility and complete control. Powered by a tweaked-up mouse, the user can spin the vehicle 360 degrees, and move either forwards or backwards using just one hand.

Depending on the harshness of the outside world, the Pixi can completely seal in the user in order to create a protected environment, or go ‘convertible’ allowing the user to take in the scenic views of the scorched, exhausted, contaminated or plagued world that we once called Earth.

Of course, mobility in a post-apocalyptic world shouldn’t just be confined to travelling from your cave to the hermetically sealed grocery store, which is why Suzuki had the good insight to imagine the SSC or Suzuki Sharing Coach.

Basically, the SSC is an acronym to describe one of several vehicles that will interface with the Pixy.

For instance, imagine if you and your family want to pack your pods into the SSC and have a picnic in the haunted, cut-down, incinerated or festering landscape once known as a park. With the land cruiser SSC unit, you can experience the perils of a post-apocalyptic world together as a family.

Or, what if you need to travel across the evaporated, oily, boiling or infectious body of water once known as the ocean. With the motor boat SSC unit, you can hit the high seas and reminisce about a day when people once ate a delicious and prolific creature known as fish.

Sure, sometimes when you turn on the news in this modern era, it’s easy to get down on the state of reality. But, don’t worry – thanks to good folks at Suzuki, clearly we should have no problem surviving the apocalypse!

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