Delta and United in talks to merge

Looks like the number two and three airlines are thinking about joining forces. No surprise really, as rumors of Delta merging have been rumbling around the underground for the past few months or so. This time there appears to be a fair amount of market momentum behind the talks, however, as each organization’s respective shares surged by nearly 10% on the DJIA over the course of trading.

What does this mean for the lay traveler like you and I? Probably not much. The proposed new company would merge under the United banner, keep HQ in Chicago and the main hub in Atlanta. All of your favorite Delta and United routes should stay in tact in one form or another.

What I’m really curious about is how the alliance program will sift out. Delta is in the Skyteam while United is a member of Star. Will Skyteam partners no longer be able to redeem awards on Delta? Will Delta travelers lose their miles or be forced to spend them on a Star carrier? Frequent flyers start to get antsy when you mess with their miles.