Airbus A340 crashes into wall during engine tests

In another blow to the embattled EADS, an Airbus A340 slammed into a wall and injured 10 people during engine tests in Toulouse yesterday afternoon. AFP and the AP report that the Abu Dhabi-bound aircraft was in the final stages of testing before the accident occurred. According to an Airbus spokesman, “the aircraft began to roll and it climbed up the embankment in front of it” just before careening over and into the wall. Scary.

No word yet on what the cause of the accident was or the nature of the injuries, but the A340 is a proven, reliable aircraft that Airbus has been manufacturing for years.

Hopefully this doesn’t have any effect on sales or the performance of the struggling EADS. While Airbus isn’t my favorite airline manufacturer, it’s hard to see the company take the beating that its been getting recently.