Pair a themed hotel with all skill level slopes for a unique ski weekend

I’ve mentioned this place before, but with the holidays coming up and the possibility that you’re looking for an interesting place to stay in conjunction with a ski weekend, The Broadway Hotel in Philipsburg, Montana is not just a place to hang your hat for the night, but it’s a lesson in creativity. This is where the owners have a knack with whipping up themes. Each room is totally different from the others. If you’re feeling elegant and frilly, opt for The Britannia Suite, an ode to Great Britain. If you are feeling like a lumber jack and you’re okay, bed down in The Cross Cut room, decorated with a cross cut saw. There are several twin, double bed or queen size options.

A friend of mine stayed in the Wrangler Room and vowed the next day to become a cowgirl. No, that’s not true, but the room was terrific. She’s an interior designer, so she’s not easily wowed. She was wowed, particularly by the common room where there’s a fireplace, books to read, board games, videos to use in the rooms and a wonderful upscale Western style decor–plus a glass of wine if you want.

Since I was staying with my family in a storage shed on our small bit of property in Philipsburg, I was more than happy to take drink my friend’s complimentary wine since she didn’t want it. Breakfast is also included in the price. I’m telling you, this place is quite the deal and just one of the reasons to head to Philipsburg. For the skiing, Philipsburg is the closest real town to Discovery Basin Ski area which is located 20 miles away at Georgetown Lake.

Discovery Basin has slopes that range from beginner to extreme skiing and has plans to open on November 22.