Military airspace opened for holiday travel

If you’re one of the 27 million people flying over the next week, your flight may not be as miserable as you were planning for. Last week, the Bush administration authorized the partial use of military airspace along the eastern seaboard. This mean less congestion (in the skies at least) and better integration with Air Traffic Control across some of the nation’s busiest airports.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll be limited by runway time, landing slots or weather though, so don’t get your hopes up too high. This step is just one of many that are needed to ease the problems with the antiquated air traffic control and greedy corporate airline networks, as we wrote about earlier.

This week is one of the toughest out of the year to travel. Tensions run high as crowds surge through crowded airport lines and security screenings then cram into tiny aluminum jets. This Wednesday I fly from Toledo – DetroitAmsterdamBarcelona, so take it from a seasoned traveler: have a scotch before you leave, pack light and be patient and you’ll have a great trip. See you on the road.