Buses from the Devil Himself

One of the coolest things I´ve seen in Panama so far is the crazy bus-art. Now, it´s not uncommon to see buses painted wild colors all over Latin America, but Panamanians have this stuff down to fine art.

Just about every local public bus is in the style of an old American school bus, but painted the craziest colors, festooned with religious sayings and multiple chromed horns. And, if the bus is lacking two large chromed rear exhaust pipes running up the rear corners of the bus, pumping diesel fumes into the sky, it just won´t do. I can´t think of a cooler thing to look at while stuck in Panama City´s insane traffic jams. The detail of the paintings will take your breath away… even more than the horrific exhaust fumes blanketing this modern city.

They call them “red devils,” but the government is banishing the devil. This blog reprints a story from the Miami Herald saying that the buses will soon start disappearing, this year.