State quiz: How much do you know because of where you travel?

According to the All-American State Trivia Quiz, I’m in a “State of Confusion.” I knew that before I tested my mettle. My distinctive category is due to my 30 correct, 30 wrong answers to the questions that led me around the United States in a flurry of trivia. Some answers I knew because of my travels. If you’ve been through a state, there are some logical responses.

For example, the three stars on the flag of Tennessee represent the 3 geographic regions of the state. If you’ve driven through there, you know there are mountains and lowlands. I had no idea what the three stars represent before the quiz. Since I’ve never lived in Tennessee, and I’m not in the 4th grade when such things show up on a quiz, why should I care?

Some of my travels confused my answers. I always thought that the mystical Bali Hai of the musical “South Pacific” was Tioman island in Malaysia near another island I used to go to. Perhaps, it is. But, according to the quiz, it’s off the coast of Hawaii.

I found this quiz a fun way to gather a list of places I’d like to go to later. Shell, Wyoming is one of them. Take the quiz yourself to find out why.

Here are some random answers to give you a jump start.

  • lentils
  • 6
  • 103
  • World’s only ass-kicking machine

How did you score?