New Mexico tourism commercials: good or bad?

Apparently there’s a big debate among tourism officials in New Mexico about a series of new commercials meant to urge potential tourists to visit the fifth largest state in the U.S.

“Instead of highlighting New Mexico’s picturesque desert landscapes, art galleries or centuries-old culture, the ads feature drooling, grotesque office workers from outer space chatting about their personal lives,” according to an article from the AP.

I hadn’t seen the commercials until I pulled them up on YouTube (which you can watch after the jump), but I can see why there’s a debate. On one hand, they are a bit funny and quirky (though still cliché in that funny-because-it’s-weird way), but the aliens are definitely grotesque, not very exciting to look at, and really have nothing to do with New Mexico or tourism other than the catchy “best place in the universe” tagline. Oh, and the whole Roswell thing. But it seems to me they made an ad like this to get people talking… and, well, people are talking.

Watch them yourself, after the jump. Do they make you want to go to New Mexico? Alternatively, do they make you want to do to New Mexico what my father did to Ohio’s page in the atlas when he ran out of toilet paper? I’m indifferent, honestly. And no offense, Ohio. Really.