One for the Road: Mundane Journeys

I can’t quite recall how I came upon Mundane Journeys, but I’m certainly happy to have stumbled upon the explorations of Kate Pocrass, a conceptual artist with an eye for the overlooked. Kate kindly sent me a copy of her new book: Mundane Journeys: Field Guide to Color. It arrived in a dark chocolate envelope with my name in bright lemon yellow, encircled by fancy squiggles. It’s the most delicious delivery I’ve received in a long time!

And paying attention to details (like how something is packaged) gets to the heart of Kate’s message in her alternative guide to San Francisco. Whether it’s bubblegum, owls, spray painted dots, tree stumps or odd-colored macaroons, Mundane Journeys nudges urban explorers to look closer at the city around them. It suggests a delightfully inviting way to move through a place, uncovering colors and mysterious treasures with child-like curiosity.

Watch a video of a recent tour with Kate, or take one with her. She hosts 4-hour bus tours several times a year, usually once a season. But don’t wait for a scheduled tour to change your perspective — grab Kate’s guide and set out on your own! You’ll be sure to discover something magical among the mundane. And although her book is geared to San Francisco, the concept can be applied anywhere. It’s simple — as you travel, look with intention at the miscellaneous, and see what reveals itself to you.