Download a college education while on the road

Jack London never received a college education. Well, not officially at least. He did, however, get his hands on class reading lists from UC Berkeley and then proceeded to consume all of the books featured–which is far more than most students normally do.

Today’s modern equivalent is actually downloading the lectures themselves.

And now it’s never been easier.

Apple has inked deals with 28 major American universities to make lectures available for free on their iTunes website. That means that Jack London wannabes seeking a free, quality education can download lectures from not only Berkeley professors, but those from Stanford and Yale as well two dozen other schools. Of course, there’s no degree at the end of the day, but there is knowledge, and that’s a pretty cool thing I’m told.

So why are we telling you about this on a travel blog? Because the best way to pass the time between Point A and Point B is to enrich your mind along the way.