Travel tips from A-listers

Cramped in coach, sitting in close quarters to the overweight hairy dude with the BO problem, we all can’t help but wish we were celebrities, or at least moderately wealthy so we could afford to travel with some sort of semblance of luxury. Don’t tell me you haven’t.

But does luxury always entail a steep price tag? Not always. Here are some travel habits of celebrities:

  • Selita Ebanks of Victoria’s Secret modelling fame brings four essential items on the plane with her: Her laptop, baby wipes, lotion and socks.
  • Lydia Hearst, a heiress/model brings a travel kit that contains an eye cover, a neck pillow and a blanket. She also vacuum packs all of her belongings.
  • Frankie Muniz of Malcolm in the Middle rolls up his pants in the suitcase so they don’t wrinkle, and he passes the time with Soduku puzzles.
  • Kimora Lee Simmons or Baby Phat wears lightweight, flexible fabrics for long journeys.
  • Ivanka Trump tries to avoid checking her bags — even if it means sneaking one on the plane.
  • P. Diddy keeps hydrated at all times — even if it means going to the bathroom more often.

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