Bibles and Luxury don’t go together: Goldfish do

Over at one of our sister sites, Luxist, Deidre Wollard writes about Bible and hotel statistics that show a trend. I’m not sure exactly what one can say about this trend, like what’s really behind it, but the news is interesting.

If you are one to stay in a luxury hotel and want to find a religious uplift, you won’t find it in a drawer in your room. Luxury hotels are not stocking Bibles in a bedside table like they used to. They say it’s in the line of being environmentally friendly. (?!) If you have a flash of needing a bit of inspiration, you can get it from the front desk. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, the desk has you covered–all you have to do is ask the receptionist.

If you’re not staying at a luxury hotel. Let’s say you’ve just rolled into a Sleep Inn for the night (I just picked a name). You’re more likely to find a Bible in a drawer there than you would have a few years ago. According to the ABC News article where Deidre culled her info, Bibles in drawers have gone up from 79% in 1988 to 95% in non-luxury hotels, inns and motels.

Some luxury hotels, along with religious texts, will provide live gold fish in a fishbowl if asked. At Kimpton hotels, not too many people ask for a Bible. But when it comes to a goldfish, 15% of the guests want Goldie swimming in their room.