Canceled flights can get you some luxury

If you happen to be one of those unfortunate people who come up with a dud on what seems to be a new roulette style airline game called “Will My Flight be Canceled?” or even worse, “Will my Airline Shut Down Overnight?,” you can head to certain Kimpton Hotels for a gift designed especially for you–the stranded traveler.

As a way to coax stranded travelers to a Kimpton Hotel, the “Stranded in Style” promotion allows guests with a canceled flight to choose from the following options they show a canceled boarding pass or ticket:

  • Bath salts or eye mask
  • Bottle of wine or in-room movie
  • KN Karen Neuburger zebra chenille lounge socks
  • Cocktail or appetizer at adjacent restaurant

    Participating hotels include: 70 park avenue and The Muse in New York, Hotel Argonaut in San Francisco and Hotel Monaco in Denver.

    This may not be enough to turn lemons into lemonade, but it’s an interesting idea. I wonder what budget motels could come up with? Maybe you could get real Half-and-Half instead of non-dairy creamer with that complimentary cup of coffee.

  • Hotel deals for Leap Year birthday folks and their pals, goldfish included

    If you’ve looked ahead to February’s calendar page, you may have noticed the extra day tacked on. Yep, this is Leap Year. When I was talking about it with people earlier today, we wondered if that meant one extra day of work. It’s on a Friday this year.

    For those folks who happen to have been born on February 29th and have identification to prove it, head to a Kimpton Hotel. There’s a deal with your name on it. Plus, this is the hotel company that provides you with a gold fish for your room. This goldie was hashcOde’s last September when he stayed at the Hotel Monaco in Seattle.

    To those of us without this auspicious birthday date, we need to cozy up to someone who has it so we can get the discounts at one of these boutique hotels too. Maybe you’re one of those people whose dearest friend was born on February 29th. I don’t know anyone who was.

    Even so, here is an overview of some of the cleverly packaged deals:

    The Muse Hotel and 70 park avenue hotel are offering the “Forever Young” package. This includes a $229 per night rate, champagne and birthday cake.

    At the Hotel Burnham and Hotel Monaco in Chicago, your February 29th birthday will get you 29% off on a two night minimum stay. (Thurs.-Sat.)

    Leap Year folks can check into the Hotel Monaco and Hotel Vintage Plaza in Portland for a $29 for the night room rate on the night of February 29th. (I’m not sure what else this involves.)

    For one free night stay, head to Washington D.C. There, at the all seven of the Kimpton Hotels, if you book two nights (Feb. 28 and March. 1) the 29th is free.

    And, if someone is planning to propose to someone, the 29th is the day when there’s a deal for this too. In Denver at the Hotel Monaco, there’s the “Dare to Propose” package that includes a Leap Year themed cocktail.

    All of the 29 Kimpton Hotels will have some Leap Year special. Here’s the link at the Kimpton Hotels Web site that lists all the properties and links to each one. As of now, I didn’t see all of the the deals I’ve mentioned, but we were tipped off by the company. There are other specials that are offered year ’round no matter what your birthday date. Perusing the Kimpton Web site is one way to imagine living the high-life. There are other deals for other occasions. I have an eye on the Dreams of a Muse at The Muse.

    Bibles and Luxury don’t go together: Goldfish do

    Over at one of our sister sites, Luxist, Deidre Wollard writes about Bible and hotel statistics that show a trend. I’m not sure exactly what one can say about this trend, like what’s really behind it, but the news is interesting.

    If you are one to stay in a luxury hotel and want to find a religious uplift, you won’t find it in a drawer in your room. Luxury hotels are not stocking Bibles in a bedside table like they used to. They say it’s in the line of being environmentally friendly. (?!) If you have a flash of needing a bit of inspiration, you can get it from the front desk. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, the desk has you covered–all you have to do is ask the receptionist.

    If you’re not staying at a luxury hotel. Let’s say you’ve just rolled into a Sleep Inn for the night (I just picked a name). You’re more likely to find a Bible in a drawer there than you would have a few years ago. According to the ABC News article where Deidre culled her info, Bibles in drawers have gone up from 79% in 1988 to 95% in non-luxury hotels, inns and motels.

    Some luxury hotels, along with religious texts, will provide live gold fish in a fishbowl if asked. At Kimpton hotels, not too many people ask for a Bible. But when it comes to a goldfish, 15% of the guests want Goldie swimming in their room.