Iceland: best place to live. Or die, depending on which you prefer.

The U.N. has published their annual Human Development Index and guess what, a Scandinavian country won. I know what you are thinking. NO WAY, a Scandinavian country? That never happens.

It’s true. Iceland is officially the most desirable country on the planet. Norway, the former winner is now, sadly, number two. Let’s hope the gloomy result does not increase their suicide rates. The UN would probably not like that.

Honestly, can Scandinavian countries actually win all the world’s surveys? From lowest infant mortality rates to highest standard of living, they got it. Meanwhile, the US keeps slipping, from 8th place last year down to 12th this year.

What about introducing the category “sunshine” or “warmth” into the mix? That might push Sierra Leone, currently dead last, up a few notches.