Seward, Alaska: This is where I live

There are many adjectives that I could use to describe Seward: mountainous, picturesque, cute, quiet, industrial, and in the summer, touristy. I could show you photos, and you’d probably exclaim “how beautiful!” And it is — but there are times during the winter when Seward is … a little bit difficult, particularly when the wind is blowing, it’s close to zero degrees, my lips are so chapped and cracked they’re bleeding, and my clothes are so full of static you can see sparks when I take off my parka ( I like to call my knee-length down jacket a parka, because it sounds so much more dramatic).

The following video isn’t super exciting; the first half is mostly shorebirds. But it does an excellent job of showing what winter in Seward is often like, much better than a photograph could. What I want you to notice is the greyness, and the incessant wind. Try opening your car door without it blowing off in that wind. Better yet, try closing it. Sure, there’s lovely snow, but the wind blows all the pretty powder off the trees so we’re left with dead bare branches hanging around without any pretty clothes on.

And don’t let the later shots of a serene, sunny boat harbor fool you. It’s no spring day. And the final shot is of the coffee shop I go to every day, and what you see there is the most crowded it will get all winter. But at least everybody knows my name.

Thanks to Russell Stigall (whom I saw with all his equipment in the coffee shop this morning when that clip was filmed) for the video from Seward City News.