Art Asks: Are We There Yet?

I’m especially drawn to art that is influenced by the travel experience, or aims to make a statement about location, landscape or place. A new exhibit in New York asks the question: Are we all in need of a new frontier? The artists involved in this project all say yes, and seek to demonstrate their concern for our constant need to “expand our boundaries, extend and streamline the form and function of the natural landscape and adapt it to the speed, depth and quality of our daily life.”

This “anti-monumental approach to Land-Art” is a collection of works that show concern for the power, agency and increasing responsibility of humankind for the environment. From the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts:

“Are We There Yet?” the child’s obnoxious road-trip refrain, is a question/statement that implies a mix of excitement and inherent dissatisfaction with whatever place the parents might be driving to. Kids (…and artists?) are constantly expanding their knowledge of the natural world and raising the bar for future experiences. In short, they are perennially one step away from their own personal “frontier,” a place of learning as well as a physical threshold.

The show features the work of six artists and runs through February 2 at the EFA Gallery on W. 39th in NYC.