Will the real D.B. Cooper please stand up

I just came across a “confession letter” purporting to be from the infamous D.B. Cooper. In case you haven’t heard of this urban legend (except it’s true, so guess it’s not an urban legend), D.B. Cooper is the nom de guerre for the 1971 hijacker who parachuted into history with $200,000 in cash. He’s never been heard from again.

Every once in a while, like this week, you have a kook claiming to be the long-lost Cooper. Although the mystery hasn’t been definitively solved, there was an excellent in-depth article in an October issue of New York that gave a very educated guess (probably right).

It’s a hoot to think what would happen if D.B. Cooper pulled the stunt in 2007. One thing’s for sure, CNN would have enough filler for the next month.