Bond travel book?

Can someone please do me a favor?

So much of my early exposure to the outside world was through the many James Bond movies I watched as a kid. Sure, the spy stuff was cool, but all those exotic locations simply made the Bond lifestyle all that more… exotic.

So, here’s my favor. Can someone please consolidate all those great locations from every Bond film and publish a glossy-paged coffee table/travel book? I want to be able to watch Live and Let Die, for example, while thumbing through this book to locate every place that Bond visited in the film–from the streets of New Orleans to the (fictional) jungles of San Monique. And what about that beach where Ursula Andress emerges from the surf like Venus herself? Where the hell is that? I want to go.

As you might imagine, a handful of websites and articles do indeed cover some of the more popular destinations featured in the films, such as this one from But I’m still waiting for a more detailed book. So, if you happen to know the Broccoli family, do me a favor and forward this post on to them.