More precious info on how to bring wine back from abroad

Deep into my experimentation on how to best bring back wine from abroad, I believe that I have made a breakthrough. In a recent return from Barcelona, I decided to try to check a crate of wine (again). This time, my methodology was as follows.

  • Drop each bottle of wine in a (dirty?) sock.
  • Wrap your dick-in-a-box, er, wine-in-a-sock in a plastic bag. Tie the bag shut.
  • Repeat for the other five bottles.
  • Pad the bottom and sides of your crate with a shirt.
  • Pack your six bottles as tight as possible.
  • Pad the top of the case, making sure that the bottles can’t shift laterally in their spaces within the crate.
  • Nail the case shut.
  • Wrap the case with either tape or that saran wrap you can get in most international terminals.
  • Put your wrapped up mess into a duffel bag and pad the heck out of that (this was my critical error last time).

Using this method, I was safely able to get all six bottles from Barcelona, through Amsterdam and Detroit and into Toledo.

Sound like a lot of work to you? Well, it is. Especially when you have to haul your contraption all over the city, through the metro and through the airport. But hey, for the hard drinkers like myself, bringing back a few bottles of wine is kind of a fun souvenir from travels abroad. It’s a fun reminder of the places we’ve been, on the shelf, over dinner and especially in our stomachs.