Photo of the Day (12/05/07)

This past Sunday at the Wexner Center of the Arts I indulged in an hour of pleasure, and landed a heap of inspiration viewing the photographs and other artwork by William Wegman in an exhibit called, Funney/Strange. It’s quite fabulous and has given me another idea for a post. This photo by Mark Hout reminds me a bit of Wegman’s work. One of Wegman’s techniques involves taking double image photographs. Another is juxtaposing images in interesting, quirky ways.

My 5 year-old son also loved Wegman’s work. Those of you with kids, or who have kids who you like to do things with, I suggest a trip to see Wegman’s work if you notice an exhibit of his work somewhere. It’s the type of art that crosses generations. But, back to Mark’s intriguing photograph. I’ve been to the corner of Broadway and Houston in Manhattan several times and now have a different perspective to look for. The implication of this photo seems like some sort of societal commentary, one of the things Wegman also does. Neat.

If you have some artistically inspired photographs, or any you are particularly proud of, send them our way by posting them at Gadling’s Flickr photo pool. We love photos and will gush.