Riverboat gambling along the Ohio, Missouri and Mississippi

Martha’s post on gambling hot spots made me think of gambling boats that head away from shore to give passengers time to make or lose money. It seems a bit romantic–rolling the dice while rolling on the river.

Several states allow travelers to indulge in trying out Lady Luck, and each state’s riverboat cruise experience varies due to the state’s laws. You might be on a historic style boat that evokes images of days gone by–Mark Twain comes to mind, or be docked on a flat barge that doesn’t go anywhere. From what I’ve heard, this is a fairly inexpensive way to have a boat ride if you don’t gamble. I have relatives who’ve headed to Lawrenceburg, Indiana to partake in Argosy’s flavor. Since they aren’t the biggest gamblers, they enjoyed the food, but thought the several hours that Indiana’s law requires gambling boats to be out on the river a trifle long.

The Web site Riverboat Casinos lists the riverboat casinos, state by state, and provides helpful info about each. Argosy is the casino in Indiana where you are more likely to win. Too bad my relatives didn’t know this.