Northwest flight attendant fashion show, Wednesday at DTW

If you happen to be passing through Detroit Metro Airport on Wednesday (DTW) just after lunch time, swing by the fountain in the center of Mcnamara Terminal. Northwest flight attendants, who have long been overdue for a uniform upgrade, will be showing off their new wares in a fashion show.

The event is scheduled to take place twice at 1 and 2 PM in front of the main fountain (pictured), right in the entrance way.

Speculation among those “in the know” suggests that the uniform upgrades won’t be anything as drastic as what the Ryanair flight attendants have been up to; apparently they’re designed by the Twin Hill group, a classically conservative corporate apparel company. But perhaps its a good way to keep the crew up to date with the modern fashion and accessories, as well as begin to reward a group of employees who have been sacrificing left and right for a company just out of bankruptcy. Personally, I’ve always liked the scarves that the flight attendants occasionally wear. Hopefully those won’t go away.
If any of you lucky Gadlingers are out there during the show, snap a picture for us and I’ll post them.

Thanks to ashweigert at Flickr for the photo.