Dreamliner production plods on

Despite the recent setbacks and delays logged by Boeing on production of their new 787 Dreamliner, the fastest selling commercial airplane of all time, corporate sources are still holding to their (revised) Q4 ’08 delivery date. Production of the first three prototypes is well underway, the first (closest) for their “first flight” demonstration and the second two for static and fatigue testing.

You may recall the unveiling of the 787 earlier this year, which was a huge PR and photo event (get your CEO’s picture taken in front of the Dreamliner today!). Why can’t they fly that bird, you ask? Well, Boeing cut a few corners stitching that prototype together in time for the event. Now they’re going back, closing the gaps and getting the entire beast put together correctly for actual operation.

Their PR people tell me that the first flight is supposed to take place some time at the end of the first quarter next year. Hopefully the suppliers stay on schedule so that this actually happens.