ABBA museum to be built in Stockholm

I can’t claim to be a huge ABBA fan, but I am a HUGE fan of their song “Dancing Queen.” I like to shout out whatever age I happen to be at the time when they sing “You’re only seventeen” (sadly, “twenty-seven” doesn’t sound as good as “twenty-three” did). And I like to think that I can dance, I can jive, especially when I’m having the time of my life.

Well, soon I will be able to live out my disco days fantasies in the new ABBA museum to open in Stockholm in June 2009.

The museum includes a dance floor, a recording studio, and a wardrobe so visitors can get an idea of the ABBA experience. And karaoke will also help visitors understand what it was like to be an ABBA band member.

I have a one-word response to this exciting news: Yessssss!